About Us

Schiavo Tech srl operates, since over thirty years, in the field of production and trade of machinery for the glass industry.

The company structure, the flexible but yet quality-wise competitive organization and the energy of the working team, helped OCS Glass to operate a technological renewal and to improve the machinery performances in order to achieve high quality glass manifactures. All this is possible thanks to a highly-specialized staff that works together speding their experiences in the field.

Thanks to the dynamism, professionalism and innovation, Schiavo Tech has become a name in the national, as well as international markets, becoming a known brand in Europe, Middle East, Africa and America.

In the last few years the company has been growing fast, renewing his structure but always remembering his own roots and making precious the background, the knowledge and the experience enforcing it with new technologies.

It is a Family that works together to follow three principles: Stength. Precision. Safety.