• MANI-2 hoist

Manipulators MANI-2 series

Lifting equipment to handle glass sheets


Lifting equipment to handle glass sheets.

On request it can be with pneumatic rotation 90° or electric rotation 200°.

Independent pneumatic vacuum pump “Venturi” or electric pump..

All the commands are on the manipulator, including up/down of the crane hoist.

Loading and unloading is by an electric button on the console.

Safety sensor for unloading and for lifting glass.

Model Feed N° Cups Capacity Rotation
MANI-2F Pneumatic 2 180 Kg
MANI-2P Pneumatic 2 180 Kg 200° Pneumatic
MANI-2E Electric 2 180 Kg 200° Electric
MANI-2E Electric 2 250 Kg 200° Electric

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