Automatic single-side glass loading machine CM01

Automatic machine to load glass sheets, max dim. 3600 x 2600 mm.

The machine is composed by N° 3 arms with N° 2 vacuum pads for each arm.

The machine is fixed and the glass sheet loading is from 1 lateral rack.

The glass is laid on the machine surface and the wheels are operated by motors with inverter.

Independent vacuum pump.

The loading time is about 60 sec.

Electric system with the operator panel aside the machine and all automatic operations controlled by PLC.


The basic structure supports steel-made shafts with transporting wheels. The wheels are moved by chain operated by motors and inverter. Hydraulic system for the arms tilting, vacuum pump and electric system are aside the machine. The N° 3 vacuum pads for each arm not adjustable.

Glass max dimensions: 3600 x 2600 mm
Glass min dimensions: 2000×2000 mm
Thickness: 3-19 mm
Working height: 900±20 mm
Max glass package width: 800 mm
Air compressed: 6/7 bar
Voltage: 400 V – 50 Hz (3 phases + N + Ground)
Installed power: 10 Kw
Working cycle time: about 60 sec
Overall dimensions: 4750x3500x900 mm

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