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Milling Machines FV series

Vertical Glass Milling, drilling and counter-sinking machine to obtain the notches of door hinges and fittings.


FV1000 is a 4-axis CNC machine designed for producing holes, inserts and countersinks. High speed and precision processing. Automatic stop positioning for automatic X measurement.

The machine body consists in a high speed single spindle driven by ball screws controlled by a CNC. The processing is cooled by external water flows and by a water flow inside the tool.


Glass Thickness: 4 – 25 mm 5/32″-31/32″
Working area (LxH): 200×1000 mm 7,8″x39″
Min Workable piece (LxH): 400×300 mm 15 3/4 x12″
Max Glass size (LxH): 3210×2400 mm 126″x95″
Installed Power: 8,0 KW
Spindle MAX Speed: 10.000 RPM
Working height: 800 mm (31,5″)
Overall Dimensions (LxWxH): 4300x1300x2200 mm (169x51x86”)
Milling tool Length: 75 mm (3″)

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